PU Foam Multi Purpose MusuTang (12 pc/ctn)

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Price per carton (12 pc)
Musu-Tang Universal Multi Foam
Applications: Seal joints around windows and doors. Insulate hot and cold water pipes. Fills large cracks, holes, joints, and openings.

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MUSU TANG Gap Filling is a multi-purpose PU foam that cures to a semi-rigid structure within 2-4 hours under influence of air and humidity. Final strength is achieved in 24h.

Application temperatures+5°C to +25°C. Clean surfaces of dirt, grease, and dust. Protect adjacent surfaces with tape or plastic film. Moisten substrates and freshly extruded foam for the best result. For multi-layer application, moisten each layer. Shake can vigorously 20 times. Screw nozzle onto the valve. Hold can UPSIDE DOWN with tube pointing onto spray surfaces. Apply economically as the foam will expand from its original extruded volume. Use PU FOAM CLEANER or acetone to clean the nozzle and valve from uncured foam. Cured foam can be removed only mechanically. Protect the applied foam from sunlight by appropriate covering.

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