Shower Column Set Matt Black Siena with Handheld and Head Shower, Pipe Stand, Metal Hoses & Soap Holder

130.00 AED

Brand: Siena
Design: Luxury Square
Plating: Matt Black Powder Finish
Accessories: Pipe Stand, Metal Hoses & Soap Holder

1. Silicone ring prevents damage if shower falls
2. Provides a perfect spray by evenly distributing water
3. Made to last surfaces ranging from precious matt to shiny
4. Features an inner water guide for extended life
5. Easy to clean and removes limescale in a single wipe

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  • Mulit-function: Dual function water outlet: rain shower, handheld shower. This mulit-function shower system adapts to different needs. The ideal shower is one that awakens your senses and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.
  • Silicon Nozzles: To prevent limescale built up, rub clean silicon nozzles makes cleaning limescale and other debris easy and straightforward, just need to squeeze the silicone nozzles to remove the lime or sediment
  • Flexibility: Handheld shower with shower hose for targeted cleaning during a bath, rinsing off after a bath or washing children and pets with ease, offer maximum flexibility and movement